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The Criminal Justice Club examines the US criminal justice system, felony conviction rates, and media misinformation reports of criminal statistics.

Criminal Justice System, Truth Exposure, Felony Conviction Rate, Public Statistics Revealed

The Criminal Justice Club

Exposes the lack of truth in sentencing and reveals the large differences between the sentences pronounced by the judge and reported in the media, on the one hand, and the actual time criminals really serve in jails and prisons.

Reveals that from 1965 through 1978, the state of California paid its counties $4,000 for each convicted felon who was not sentenced to prison, thus avoiding, for many years, the necessity of having to spend hundreds of millions of dollars building new prisons. Under this plan, called “The Probation Subsidy Act,” many thousands of violent and career criminals were repeatedly released back to the streets after each felony conviction.

Commends womens groups for demanding and achieving significant reforms in the areas of sexual assault, child molestation, domestic violence and drunk driving in the 1970s and 1980s.

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