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The Criminal Justice Club, the premier source for US criminal justice system information and history is critical of the Liberal media bias and actual criminal sentencing rates.

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This is a story I was waiting for someone else to write. It is a story about the criminal justice system from the perspective of a career prosecutor. It is a story that needs to be told because the media does a poor job of giving the public accurate information about how the system works. And for most people, the media is the only source of knowledge about the criminal justice system. This book reveals how the system really works. It is also a critique of a media driven by such a pervasive liberal bias that the public is often misinformed.

It is also the story of my conversion from a young liberal, who always sympathized with the criminal, into an advocate for crime victims and for longer sentences for violent and career criminals. This conversion was partly the result of my witnessing the suffering of crime victims and their families throughout my career as a deputy district attorney.

I include several of my cases and experiences as a Deputy DA: some humorous, some gratifying, some heartbreaking, some frustrating. One of the realities of the system is that relatively few crimes are ever solved by the police. Of the crimes that are solved by an arrest of a suspect, DAs in L.A. County refuse to file charges in about 30% to 40% of these cases. Thus, prosecutors in Los Angeles County charge suspects with only a small fraction of the crimes committed.

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