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The Criminal Justice Club authored by a Liberal opponent criminal prosecutor advocates for the US criminal justice system reform while uncovering conviction rates.

US Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, Liberal Opponent Prosecutor, Criminal Lawyer Perspective

This is a story I was waiting for someone else to write. It is a story about the criminal justice system from the perspective of a career prosecutor. It is a story that needs to be told because the media does a poor job of giving the public accurate information about how the system works. And for most people, the media is the only source of knowledge about the criminal justice system. This book reveals how the system really works. It is also a critique of a media driven by such a pervasive liberal bias that the public is often misinformed.

It is also my personal story, an unlikely story of a kid growing up in Hollywood, California, the only child of divorced parents in the entertainment industry, a high school dropout who once worked the night shift on an automobile assembly line, delivered liquor on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, became a civil rights demonstrator, ACLU member, a lawyer and finally a career prosecutor in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

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